Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NavFun Pro, GPS Navigation Online and Offline.

NavFun Pro is a navigation service or maps that accommodate all the features of a GPS receiver, Google Maps, Google Earth, and Terrain.
This service is suitable for fans of hiking, geocaching, skiing, mountain biking, and city tours.
Users will be able to connect a Bluetooth GPS or a mobile built-in GPS, and all the tracks that will be explored and uploaded online.

Navigation service is also compatible with touchscreen or keyboard navigation types used.
Users can also download the maps you need on a flash card and application navigate without an internet connection.

This service can also allow users to find locations by address, business, weather, city information, and other relationships.
While other elements that operated in the form of a compass, coordinate location, and size of mileage.

When users want to navigate by tracking, it must use an internet connection.
Users can also export the location through a private server.
Beyond that this service also allows users to chat with friends through the NavFun Pro facilities.
In terms of service connectivity is also able to connect to Bluetooth GPS and a built in GPS.

Developer: FunRun Games.
Platform: J2ME.
File Size: 247 KB.
Categories: GPS.
Download: Click here.
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