Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Latest Updates Anti-Virus For Symbian S60.

With many types of viruses that attack mobile phones with the operating system support and the number of variants almost incalculable.
Here is one of the latest anti-virus that can be used for the Symbian S60 smartphone with the name of Dr.Web Antivirus.

Dr.Web Antivirus is a anti-virus application for Symbian S60v3 smartphones based  that has a function as an anti-virus on your handset.
Anti-virus is able to protect your handset from viruses and variants that attack mobile phone with Symbian S60v3 operating system.

Use anti-virus application is very easy, you simply run the program and then select the directory you want to scan for viruses.
This application is required for users of Symbian S60v3 smartphone handsets, but these applications can also be used for other Nokia handsets such as Nokia E series which has a screen resolution of 320 x 240.

Name: Dr.Web Antivirus.v5.0.125
File Capacity: 537 KB.
Compatibility: Symbian S60v3/S60v5
Download: Click Here.
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