Sunday, May 23, 2010

Real Simple, Battery Charging Station.

To make phone battery charging can be done anywhere, including location and circumstances that are not strategic to place a phone.
As to charging the battery on the floor or locations vulnerable to human error, the phone could inadvertently trampled or fell off the table.

This problem can now be solved using Real Simple Gadget, and this product can be placed and used with relative ease.
With a shape like a small shelf, Real Simple can store a maximum of 3 gadgets either camera or mobile phone.
So you never worry about mobile phones or other gadgets charged in scattered positions, because this gadget can be placed on a wall or a safe place so that it can minimize human error.

By shifting on the front of the Real Simple visible some electrical connectors that are available to place the charging connector.
This gadget has two choices of colors such as black and white, offered by KangaRoom as a developer.
In terms of the estimated price of around U.S. $ 29.99.
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