Monday, April 5, 2010

Altec Lansing BXR 1220 Audio Speaker

Altec Lansing designs similar to the garden spotlight is black and brown color buffer at the bottom.

On the back is surrounded by a half gear, which serves to make the output sound more lively.
Altec Lansing also provides a sound circulation holes such as those found in sub woofer speakers.

Volume setting is placed at the top right speakers and potensio swivel at the rear serves as the on / off switch.
USB connector cable and the input volume put together, on the left speaker is only used as a speaker output without any other connectors.

Altec Lansing BXR 1220 can also be used as an active speaker for Computers, Laptops, MP3/MP4 player, VCD / DVD players, phones, and other audio devices with 3.5 mm audio port out.

On the USB port also serves as a resource as the connection sound when connected to laptop or computer.
Cable length of left and right speakers have the same length of 1 meters, but the Altec Lansing BXR 1220 has no audio ports for phones or earphones.

Price: Rp. 175,000
Dimensions: 70 x 121 x 94 mm.
Frequency Response: 180 Hz - 20 KHz
Signal to noise ratio:> 85 dB.
Options Color: Black.
Purchase Package: Unit, User Guide, Warranty Card.
Warranty: 1 Year.
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