Saturday, April 3, 2010

Batman The Dark Night

The return of the dark knight has a purpose to quell crimes committed Joker, Scarface, and his friends.

Because with the Joker and his friends again disturbed the peace of Gotham city, your job here as Batman in this game is to crush these criminals.

This game runs with a two dimension graphics, but even then the movement in this game is so varied, so it is fun to play.

Thanks to the developer Glu Mobile as a manufacturer of mobile games, trying to bring The Dark Night in the mobile phone you use.

Watch the dark knight action in your phone and the Joker fighting with his friends exclaimed.
If you want to enjoy, you can download it directly via on your phone, then choose one of download options.

Among WML or XHTML download download, after that enter the code on the id file (540761).
Among the information from me, enjoy and hopefully useful for you fans of mobile gaming.
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