Thursday, April 8, 2010

Smart Settings Applications In Your Smartphone

Smart Settings is an application for Symbian S60 smartphones that have a complete menu of functions to be embedded on your Smartphone you use.
By using this application, your existing Smartphone will look more complete with additional presence in the settings menu in the Smartphone.

For those users who want to use this application, then do register in advance in order to use this application in full.

At the beginning there is an additional menu settings menu Auto Lock In, you can also add the menu settings on the profile menu in your phone or on the application itself.
Users can also activate and deactivate the LED lights on the LCD screen through the menu to Turn On Light.

Additionally users can also create a shortcut on the menu keypad keys owned.
There are three kinds of menu Unlock features in this application, including the Easy Lock, Easy Unlock, and Unlock the standard.

In order to personalize the user can also do it via this application to the display icon in the application.
In choosing your desired icon, the user can select one of five icons that have been provided.
Additionally users can also access this application directly via the desktop or standard menus on your mobile phone.

Some application settings that have been Pre-Installed on the menu of this application, in addition users can also access to a faster shortcut settings.
For S60v3 Symbian Smartphone users who want to complement the menu feature on the phone, maybe this application can be used as complementary applications.
With this application, it is expected that apply to your mobile phone more rich feature.

Application Name: Smart Settings.v2.50
File Capacity: 570 KB.
Compatibility: Symbian S60v3.
Download: Here.
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