Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vlingo, Control Voice Command Application

This application is an assistant media phone with a medium control voice command.
This application aims to save the user time to be repeatedly opened and closed the menu to enter a particular widget applications that want to open.

Symbian-based applications is quite easy to operate.
Users just do voice activation key and wait until the tone appears ready, then say the name of the user lives who want to open the application.
So Vlingo will automatically search through his connections in all the applications contained in the phone.

Vlingo has a simple step that can be followed by users.
For example if the user uses the Web, users want to search for the word "Concert Tickets" then the user stay says "Search Concert Ticket".

Vlingo will automatically use a service like Google's browser to search the web related to the word "concert tickets".
Not only on the Web, in emails or make notes can also be done.
This application can also serve as an introduction to Indonesian.

Comprehension or accuracy of intonation is accurate enough word, although sometimes Vlingo could not access what they're told that due to lack of clarity in pronunciation or the tempo of the word you want to run through this application.
But to do all that the user is required to use the internet service is active.

Developer: Vlingo Corporation.
Version: 1.3.32762
Platform: Symbian OS S60v5.
File Size: 723 KB.
Category: Internet Software.
Information and Download: Here.
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