Saturday, March 20, 2010

Logitech S-150, USB Mini Speaker

Logitech S-150 is a USB sound device that can only be connected to a computer or laptop.

Connectivity The only thing that is of course only a USB port.
USB port is already filled with pins and left right audio pin resources.

Speaker right and left speakers are connected with one-meter long cable that can be stretched in different positions and laying direction.

Logitech S-150 briefly looked like active speakers to a PC or a regular computer.
Logitech typical vertical form coated with shiny black color, design firm with a curved and slices.

Right speaker that serves as the main speaker where there is a USB cable and three volumes of the positive, negative, and mute.

Both speakers are connected by a one-meter long cable so that the speakers can be far apart.
This button-shaped protrusion across the wire, at the top left there is penandadari LED lights up when the device is connected to the USB port.

Price: 100,000
Dimensions: 155 x 68 x 60 mm.
Total RMS Power: 1.2 watts RMS.
Frequency Response: 90 Hz-20 KHz.
Colors: Black.
Purchase Package: User guide.
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CD Replication on March 20, 2010 at 2:25 PM said...

This mini speaker is looking perfect for my notebook. I am going to purchase it. Thanks for sharing such a great product buddy.

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