Monday, March 15, 2010

Fring Application, Efficiency Voice Call Using Internet

Fring is a freeware application that enabled users to facilitate better communication in the form of a call or chat.

This application is operated through the internet connection so it will not cut existing credit balance on the mobile user.

This application allows users to access and interact with relations or friends either via live chat or the media direct calls.

For live chat, this application can interegrate with various instant messaging providers such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Google talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo!, and AIM friends.
All can operate simultaneously capitalize only the Internet.

With the ability to integrate various services via the Internet, Fring able to extend the Internet connection on mobile devices in higher levels.
This application directly to integrate all contact lists and buddy lists on the template to a live chat is easy to navigate templates.

Of course, in addition to the user contact list is also facilitated with a list of online applications in a service template catalog.
In operating as a standard chat features, this application also displays the list of friends who are online or offline.

Users also possible to operate multiple conversations plus send and receive files.
Associated with other networking social feature of this application gives the option to activate fring addons social network providers like facebook, Gmail Notifier, Vtap Video Streaming, Orkut Social Network, Yandex Push Email and others.
Everything accommodated with fringAPI mobile services.

Other value in this application is the capability to cut the cost of international calls with SkypeOut account facilities or other Internet services such as voice SIPNET, Eutelia VoIP and VoIPTalk.
With these advantages will benefit the user if the mobile activities of many places there is a hotspot.
All the advantages of this application features can be obtained for cell phone users with internet features capitalize data package or WiFi access.

Developer: Fringland.
Platform: Symbian.
Category: Internet utilities.
File Size: 1003 KB.
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Harries on March 16, 2010 at 9:42 PM said...

Aplikasi fring ini bisa digunakan untuk nelpon gratis via VoIP, tp masih terbatas untuk hape yang ber OS symbian. Mantap jaya

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