Friday, March 12, 2010

The Wolfman, Adventures of Wolfman

A game that was born of an English fairy tale about a werewolf.
While the movie will be played in movie theaters, movie it self played by Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins.
This game was developed by a production house which is famous in making a game like Time Crisis and Tekken is Namco Networks America.

By setting the background of an old English game atsmosfer add this seemed like the darkness.
In terms of game play The Wolfman is very easy to play using the keypad.
For example for maneuver in times of running, jumping, and crawling.
Players can enable the "OK" to attack, this game starts with the figure of Lawrence's main character who wants to investigate Tolby brother.
In action character played Wolfman equipped with wooden beams used as a tool to attack the enemies such as bats, wild pigs, and criminals.
In addition players are also equipped with a sword that can be used if the player wants to attack.

Certainly unique in the gaming side of this is the main character who could change shape into a wolf.
This is what makes game play can be exciting and fun.
As well as playing two characters who became one of the factors of this game became interesting.

The other side of this game makes the player's interesting is that if you watched carefully to see the physical development of the werewolf.
Players will see a very clear development in the human body form played wolves.

Developer: In-House.
Publisher: Namco Network America.
Genre: Action/2D.
Platform: J2ME.
File Size: 840KB
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