Saturday, March 27, 2010

Overcoming Contact Retailer BB5

Problem notification "Contact Retailer" or "Contact Service" often appeared on several specific types of phones.
Mobile phones such as Nokia BB5, Nokia 5200 is one phone that has also been found to have the problem.

When did flash the phone does not solve the problem, then the first thing to note is the phone IMEI.
If the IMEI changed to 123456789012345, and we still have the old IMEI backup this can still be overcome.
The fix simply by rewriting the old IMEI to the phone, but if you do not have the backup we need to do calculations IMEI.

Second, keep in mind is the SP area is problematic or not, it still can be detected by means of which the Config key Flasher-FFFFFFFFFFFFFF and unknown providers.
To overcome this problem, would be much simple if we have a backup before pm 308, but if it does not have a backup RPL calculation is the easiest solution.
But for now the cost issue is less friendly to our pockets.

Today we will discuss one of the SP solutions in problematic areas by Nokia 5200 mobile phone does not use RPL calculation solution.
Box JAF used are steps you can and note the following manner...
  • The first step you please run a Thomas Pkey.

  • Then press the Connect JAF.

  • Then you please continue by pressing the READ PHONE.

  • Before doing our best unlock backup first.

  • Then please press SPUNLOCK.

  • Once finished you will see that the status splock already open.
Written by: Tayung. ST, Ridwan. ST, Staff Lecturer V-Three.
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