Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nokia Magnifier, Mobile Applications Substitute sunglasses

Some of us certainly know how important a lens, especially when reading.
But the current function can be replaced by goggles with the phone a few additional applications.

Previously seen the letter so very clear small display on the phone screen.
This application has its own advantages, you can also adjust the font size or display capabilities in accordance with your eyes.

Symbian 3rd edition Applications is called the Nokia Magnifier, that's how it works using the zoom and autofocus feature that is in phone cameras.
Surely this application can only be run by mobile phone with zoom and autofocus camera like the Nokia N73.
If you want to try this application, here's how ...
  1. As usual, you must install the Nokia Magnifier on the phone you want to use.This application can be found  (Click Here).
  2. Then please you activate the application, and bring a camera on the media you are going to read.A preview of the image will appear blurred, to focus please press the OK button, when the focus letters can be seen clearly.
  3. If the letters appear on the screen feels much less, please zoom you set by moving the navigation key up and down.After that, press OK to focus on the display.
  4. This application also has been equipped with a stabilizer which allows the captured image does not move too fast.In addition you can also change the look when the screen is less bright and clear.You can also change the look of color negative film, so the letters display will appear more clearly.
This can be more comfortable again if you use the phone with a wide screen like the 5800 Xpress Music.
Hopefully the above steps can help you, and hopefully useful.
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