Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thanko Bracelet Charger Battery.

Thanko Bracelet Charger Battery
Mobile phones have become indispensable tools as a means of communication in life everyday.
No cover possible, wherever we are usually always carry communication gadgets this one.
The result, as we often do not pay attention to mobile phone power battery.

Thanko Bracelet Battery is one of the alternatives that we can use to help the process of charging the phone while being mobile.
Bracelet chargers battery are made manufacturer Thanko has a very attractive designs.
Thanko also ever issued a bracelet chargers battery this in 2007 and then, but in this latest version is more attractive and stylish.

In this latest version includes a variety of adapter cable charger for several types of mobile phones and some branded vendors.
Charger port that used form the miniUSB port, and for capacity lithium-ion bracelet has a registration of 1500 mAh.

For PSP charger, battery bracelet is able to add energy battery PSP until 4.5 hours.
In fact, up to 28 hours to add extra time game for the DS Lite device.
The price of this bracelet charger that is about 40 U.S. dollars or can be estimated at around 380 thousand.
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