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Specifications Advance ATVU-388 TV Box USB 2.0

Specifications Advance ATVU-388 TV Box USB 2.0
Advance ATVU-388 TV Box USB 2.0 is an old TV tunner products sold in the market.
Booster antenna designs similar with the antenna port with a ridge that provides the impression of classical.
Because older products are available many port, ranging from the first USB port found on the printer, port S-Video, Video-in port, and ports Audio L/R.

Infrared placed with the opposite direction, although it already provides a USB port but unlike the latest devices that use USB port connection for all purposes.
With a size of 122.5 x 74.5 x 24 mm, looks relatively large compared to other TV tunner.
Advance ATVU-388 TV Box USB 2.0 also provides a remote control that looks like a remote control in general, such as VCD / DVD player to old versions.

Price: Rp. 300 000
Dimensions: 122.5 x 74.5 x 24 mm.
Weight: 147 grams.
TV System Input: VHF-UHF Antenna 75 Ohm (Antenna not supplied).
TV System Support: PAL-BG/NTSC/SECAM.
Screen Resolution: Adjustment up to 720 x 576 resolution.
Video Input: Composite (RCA) / S-Video PAL / NTSC.
Video Output: Mixed with audio via USB 2.0 (Embedded by PC VGA Adapter Drivers).
Audio Input: Composite / Analog (RCA with L / R input ports).
Audio Output: Mini Speaker, Jack 3,5 mm.
Remote Control: IR with 28 keys.
Power Supply: USB BUS Power v2.0.
Other Features: OSD, Capture Format (MPEG 1/2/4), Bundle Video Capture / Viewer Software, Time Shift Function.
Standard Warranty: 180 days.
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