Sunday, January 17, 2010

Security System Blackberry Can Be Strong Twenty Year

Issue Appearance BlackBerry can be leaked make worry a large part of users BlackBerry.

Nevertheless worriedness is referreds assessed insufficient have occasion to because security technology BlackBerry still can stay till 20 next year .

That thing expressed by Budi Sulistyo, expert security internet and cryptography from IT Telkom, when talk about with detikINET, Tuesday (12/1/2010).

According to him BlackBerry has used safer algorithm in comparison with GSM.

"Security Talking, we must see two factor that is cryptography algorithms and cryptography protocol.

BlackBerry has used new cryptography algorithm. Much more safe rather than GSM," He said.

Further more Budi explains that in security system there is two primary factor that is cryptography algorithms and cryptography protocol.

Cryptography is related to mathematics technics aspect of information security like secretness, data integrity, authentication and data authenticity.

"Cryptography Algorithm is important block that used to by give security at network of public communication, like internet.

Whereas cryptography protocol is our way mechanism uses algorithm," bold man which is being finishes study S3 with this cryptography study.

Keep be leaked

Still, Kindness confesses network possibility BlackBerry is leaked still can be leaked.
Although from side of cryptography algorithm very hard to goal, nevertheless from side of cryptography protocol that enable.

"Although has used safe cryptography algorithm, merely from its protocol has not yet been of course safe.

Attack from algorithm side usually from mathematics side and is not easy for conducted.
But if possibility protocol still can," He said.

Can its BlackBerry are leaked from side of cryptography protocol because in mechanism, attack pass by protocol usually trial and error.

It is not rely on very complicated analysis like attack from side of cryptography algorithm. "Side of cryptography algorithm, still safe year 10-20 forwards," He said.

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javabis99 | Bisnis Online n Hobby Blog on January 19, 2010 at 3:50 PM said...

20 tahn? wah emang hebat BB ini ya, sayang uang sy blm cukup utk belinya, thanks

recyclebin on January 20, 2010 at 11:00 AM said...

wah makin keren aja ya BB

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