Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LG Multiply Market HP QWERTY in 2010

LG in 2010 will more market celullar phone QWERTY.
That Step is taken LG with series celullar phone GW300 that success in the market.

“QWERTY will be multiplied, because series growth fast GW300,” Marketing Manager PT LG Electronics Indonesian Halim Astono in Jakarta.

Celullar phone LG GW300 since launched on October has reached high sale. “Celullar phone Android also will we launch,” he said.

Richard Susilo, Product Marketing LG Indonesian tells his side will launch 30 celullar phone series.

Because celullar phone QWERTY its market still nice, a large part of celullar phones LG will carry that model.

Meanwhile LG Indonesian also ridden aways two adolescent come from Indonesian in competition type quickest SMS global level in New York.

Syanti Deviani and Jimy Heriyanto in New York will fight opponent 26 participants from 13 country and winners its will be noted in Guiness Book World of Record.

That Competition provides present as big as USD100 thousand.

Participant will use LG BL20V for numerical and LG GW525 for celullar phone QWERTY.

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