Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Divoom OMO, Accessories Audio Speakers

Design Divoom OMO tentacle like eyes on a snail with support poles that can be modified his position.

Divoom OMO also has protective magnetic, so secure when placed near other electronic devices are sensitive to magnets.

Divoom OMO placing the on / off and volume control on the speakers right model.
On the left side lies port audio out 3.5 mm that a little hidden.

Divoom OMO active speakers can also be used for computers, laptops, MP3/MP4 players, VCD / DVD players, cell phones, and other audio devices with 3.5 mm audio port.
Connectivity available USB port that serves as a resource and port audio out 3.5 mm.

Length of connecting cables between the left and right speakers around one meter, in addition to connecting with headphones or earphones, the user can use the 3.5mm audio port.

Price: Rp. 180,000
Dimensions: 70 x 80 x 330 mm.
Total RMS Power: 4 watts RMS.
Peak Total Power: 8 watts.
Frequency Response: 100 Hz-20 kHz.
Signal to Noise Ratio:> 70 dB.
Color Choices: Green, White, Red, Black, Blue.
Purchase Package: Manual, Double tape.
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