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10 Dangerous Viruses In 2010

Attack of type virus VBScript still very high, this proven from to the number of report that grip subject of type virus this script.

One virus that tuble up at first sequence is Discusx.vbs.
If you still remembers with this virus, in Virus Top-10 March edition 2008 ago, virus Discusx.vbs resides in sequence 5, nevertheless this her go up at first sequence.

Following list riskiest viruses in 2010:
  1. Discusx.vbs
    Virus VBScript that one this, have size around 4.800 byteses. He will try infection in some drives in your computer, entered flash drive disk, that if infected will make file autorun.inf and System32.sys.vbs at root drive are referreds. In other hand, the even also will alter caption from Internet Explorer become “.::Discus-X SAY MET LEBARAN! [HAPPY LEBARAN ?!]::.”.
  2. Reva.vbs
    Next, type virus goodly VBScript many is griped by some readers. He will try disseminate he to every drive in computer your is entered flash drive disk. At drive infected will be existed file reva.vbs, autorun.inf, and shaheedan.jpg. In other hand, he even also will alter default page from Internet Explorer in order to aim to site
  3. XFly
    PC Media Antivirus recognizes two variants from this virus, namely XFly.A and XFly.B. Same as local virus other, he is made use Visual Basic. Have body size as high as 143.360 byteses without in compress. And he can impersonate as folder, MP3 file WinAmp or the other by alter directly resource existing icon at its body. This will more complicate user laymen in it. At computer infected, when run Internet Explorer, caption on the turn become “..:: x-fly ::..”, and when start Windows even also will emerge message from the virus maker at default browser. Or every time show at 12:30, 16:00, or 20:00, this virus even also will present black screen that also contain message from the virus maker.
  4. Explorea
    Virus that compiled use this Visual Basic attends of the size around 167.936 byteses, without in compress. Use similar icon folder standard Windows to deceive its victim. This Virus will attack Registry Windows Anda by alter default open from some extensions like .LNK, .PIF, .BAT, and .COM. At computer infected, at certain moments sometimes emerge error message, the example when open System Properties.
  5. Gen.FFE
    Gen.FFE or its maker names Fast Firus Engine is one of program local made Virus Generator. With only use this program, not needed old to be able to create virus with new variant. This Virus of program output result uses similar icon picture folder standard Windows. He even also will black out access to Task Manager, Command Prompt, and eliminate some menus in Start Menu. He also will read caption from active program, if existed antivirus related to strings then program is referreds will immediately closed.
  6. Hampa
    Virus that also made use Visual Basic and with this icon folder have body size around 110.592 byteses, without in compress. A lot of change that he make at Windows, like Registry, File System, and others, that even can cause Windows can not be used properly. At computer that infected by this virus, when start Windows will emerge message from the virus maker.
  7. Raider.vbs
    Type Virus this VBScript fairish around 10.000 byteses, if virus file is opened with Notepad for example, then not many stringses that can be read because up to scratch encryption. At Registry, he even also gives identification by make new key in HKLM Software by the name of same as name at computer name, by content a have the shape of strings value like virus name referreds, Raider, and computer date are referreds the first time infected.
  8. ForrisWaitme
    Virus that made with this Visual Basic use similar icon folder standard Windows to conduct its impersonation. This Virus exchanges left mouse button function with right, eliminate menu Folder Options, make message file “read saya.txt” at drive infected, and there is still the other.
  9. Pray
    This local Virus is made use Visual Basic. There are 2 variants from this virus, for variant Pray.A not haves icon, temporary for variant Pray.B uses similar icon Windows Explorer. If computer is infected by this virus, moment of time pointer in computer is referreds show at 05:15, 13:00, 16:00, 18:30, and or 19:45, this virus will present message that remind user to conduct sholat.
  10. Rian.vbs
    Virus this VBScript haves size 3788 byteses. When infection, he will create autorun.inf new file and RiaN.dll.vbs in each root drive that attached in victim computer, entered Flash Disk. Computer that infected by this virus, caption from Internet Explorer on the turn become “Rian P2 Humas Cantiq.
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sandhioke on February 14, 2010 at 7:35 AM said...

wah virus gawat... lari!!!!
thx for ur information..

sandhioke on February 14, 2010 at 7:36 AM said...

ups pertamax yah!! yesss...

lina@women's perspectives on February 17, 2010 at 8:48 AM said...

Uugh.. I hate virus... thanks for this info, I need it

recyclebin on February 21, 2010 at 9:13 PM said...

semoga tidak menyerang kompi ku..hahaha

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