Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge are launched with price reached in 2010

Lenovo defins laptop series newest ThinkPad Edge.

That Laptop are designed by consider style and price that reached.

Laptop by fairish model 13, 14 and 15 that inchs are designed particularly for small and medium industry (UKM).

Fairish model 13 that inchs is laptop first ThinkPad that offer processor technology AMD dual core that offered at AMD VISION Pro Technology.

Besides performance, that new laptop are designed by consider style and price are reached for that have limited budget.

“Small and medium industry Customer (UKM) tell at us they wish PC with sturdy design but professional, and have durability and reliability without compromise with newest technology matching with their budget,” Sandy Lumy, Country Manager Commercial Business, Lenovo Indonesia.

“Our Answer is laptop family newest ThinkPad Edge,” he said.

Laptop that ThinkPad Edge Series expresses new display that very progressive and clean with remain to maintain resilience and reliability ThinkPad.

That Laptop for example haves waterproof 'keyboard' and ThinkVantage Technologies with existence of Active Protection System and Rescue and Recovery.

Nevertheless, laptops just are referreds all expressive design and amenity in usage in a few new way.

“Extend cooperation with Lenovo till cover laptop ThinkPad is a turning point in business AMD commercial client device,” Leslie Sobon, vice president, Product Marketing, AMD.

ThinkPad Edge version 13 inchs to be available about middle of January 2010 with price mulaisdari about US$679. Version 14 and 15 inchs to be available start second kuartal 2010.

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