Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celullar Phone CDMA Nokia For all community

In category of beginner celullar phone, Nokia returns defin some serieses CDMA at market.
There are three model types that offered that is : Nokia 6316-an, Nokia 3806, and Nokia 1506.

Nokia 6316s by slid design, by cover metal stainless.
When frontage closed position only presents panel D-pad and screen.
Unique its there is a special panel to control media player with small knob surface.

On the side of this celullar phone feature is supported medium quite taft browsing that is use band EV-DO (special 3G CDMA).
In other hand Nokia 6316s have supported digital navigation with GPS technology.
Online Facility is also provided like chatting with mobile QQ, access email and web browsing.

Design candybar Nokia 3806 are also spelled out members enough elegan.
This model an inspiration from its success brand DNA, that is concept of Nokia newest design base direct study at consumer.

Main Facility that brought celullar phone this is the camera 2 megapixels, connection bluetooth v2.1 and supported slot of expansion memory card with capacities till 4GB.
Unique Feature existing in Nokia 3806 for example are Health Assistant to help arrange and level control stress and user health everyday.

Last is Nokia 1506 that enter at entry category level.
Mono block Design is made simple nevertheless remain to transmit impression elegan and full colour.
At feature the core important merely there is voice recorder and speakerphone.
For freshment in this celullar phone communication offer quite taft battery resilience.
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javabis99 | Bisnis Online n Hobby Blog on January 21, 2010 at 9:46 PM said...

trims info produk CDMA yg manfaat ini kawan, salam

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