Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ostendo CRVD 43 Inchis to All Maniac Game

To all gamer that become accustomed use screen 14 inchis or 21 inchis now be able to experience extra big screen display, imagine if we own fairish monitor 43 inchis and sail concave. This is he dream monitor for all devotee gamer around the world.

This monitor called Ostendo CRVD, a display LED-backlit that have aspect ratio 32:10. This monitor are first time seen when Alienware presents in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2008 last. Based on information that borrowed ideas from PCworld, Thursday (26/11/2009) Ostendo now has marketed this monitor to the public.

Guess how many price Monitor with resolution 2880 x 900 this pixels? It's clear this monitor is not are addressed for gamer that by the skin of one's teeth. Its section Ostendo offers at the price of US $ 6.499. or about Rp 61.000.000.

Ostendo expresses that monitors this also applicable to military need, and roof hardcore gamer. Hereunder is a video from Ostendo that exhibit not merely a monitor, but three! Correct reading just like what play game by this dream monitor.


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