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Kinds of web browser in the world

Following is name web browser that many used by people around the world because this browsers most rely ons from other browser that exist in world.
  1. Internet Explorer
    IE is oldest web browser. Even five year ago, Microsoft may, because Internet Explorer 5 are best web browser existing.
  2. OPera onstalansi
    Opera Instalasi and download Opera are spelled out members easy. With logo “O” rose colored , much communities that confess its excess. Browser Key advantage Opera is can present (load) quicker webpage, with connection speed in common compared other browser.
  3. Firefox
    This Browser haves its excellence in the case of display simple enough. Performance accesses its internet haves very high speed, good to download, and also upload file.
  4. Mozilla
    Mozilla Firefox is web browser by far the most popular in the world, that can occupy second rank after Internet Explorer also can present a webpage, blog looks more this life because browser support all application like java and etc.
  5. NCSA Mosaic
    NCSA Mosaic is browser graphical Web first that apply system shows and clicks with graphical interface (Point and Click Graphical User Interface), developed by National Center of Super computer Application in University of Illionis.
  6. Netscape Navigator
    Netscape Navigator is commercial package browser Web that develop by Netscape Communication Corporation, and pioneered by grad student NCSA and part-time programer-programer.
  7. Google chrome
    Google Chrome is an explorer web source is opened that developed by Google by using machine rendering WebKit. Source project opening of by it self named Chromium, google chrome also can present web and very fast application.
Here under is other browsers name that base on, although seldom weared by people around the world just than browsers above :
  1. Browser base on Gecko
  2. Mozilla
  3. Netscape Navigator (version 6 and here in after)
  4. Mozilla Firefox (previous called Firebird and Phoenix)
  5. Galeon, browser default GNOME previously
  6. Epiphany, browser default GNOME at this time
  7. Camino for Mac OS X (previous called Chimera)
  8. K-Meleon for Windows
  9. Kazehakase browser web GTK2 as light as a feather for GNU/Linux
  10. Beonex Communicator
  11. Browser Web IBM for OS/2
  12. Aphrodite
  13. Salamander
  14. Skipstone
  15. BackArrow (base on Skipstone)
  16. Browser base on Internet Explorer
  17. Internet Explorer
  18. Chakra Browser
  19. Avant Browser
  20. Crazy Browser
  21. iRider
  22. MSN Explorer
  23. Maxthon (previous called MyIE2)
  24. NeoPlanet
  25. NetCaptor
  26. Windows Explorer
  27. Tablane Browser
  28. Browser versions that followed at interface AOL
  29. Browser base on GRML
  30. Pioneer Report MDI
  31. Tree MDI
  32. Bar Graph MDI
  33. Browser base on KHTML
  34. Konqueror
  35. Safari
  36. ABrowse
  37. OmniWeb (4.5 and later)
  38. SkyKruzer
  39. Shiira
  40. Other Browser
  41. Netscape Navigator (sebelum versi 6)
  42. Opera
  43. Enigma browser
  44. Oregano
  45. Amaya
  46. iCab
  47. NetPositive
  48. OmniWeb
  49. Dillo
  50. IBrowse
  51. AWeb
  52. Voyager
  53. Espial Escape
  54. HotJava
  55. Arachne
  56. Off By One
  57. Emacs/W3
  58. Grail
  59. My Kids
  60. Advanced
  61. Fast Browser Pro
  62. GoSuRF
  63. XANA Web Browser
  64. FastStone
  65. Freeware Browser
  66. 32bit
  67. Cygsoft LDAP
  68. Ideal
  69. The Nubonyx
  70. Dimension
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sda on December 4, 2009 at 10:16 AM said...

banyak juga ya, tapi makainya yg udah dipasangin aja nih...
makasih sudah berbagi.

narti on December 4, 2009 at 10:17 AM said...

belum nyobain semuanya nih...
makasih artikelnya.

FaiS on December 4, 2009 at 4:04 PM said...

kLo semua'y ada d PC biSa pusing miLih yg mana....

ichaelmago on December 4, 2009 at 5:15 PM said...

ternyata banyak juga ya browser..
tapi saya lebih suka opera sama mozilla aja. yang lainnya belom pernah coba..

Anonymous said...

aq ga tau bhs inggris. tp mau usul shoutmixnya tolong dong disetting ulang. biar kliatan di opera beta 5ku.

Hobby Exchange on December 5, 2009 at 11:54 PM said...

good info kawan. saya pake mozilla saja. thanks

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