Monday, December 28, 2009

Google Chrome will faster in 2010

Google it's true nicest in the world of this and never stop for improve and complete its product,browser of Google Chrome will improve performance at 2010.

Chrome will present page and run programe web with bases quicker java script.

Google User new Chrome around 4% from all browsers that exist in world, but in 2009 has conducted remarkable influence extension.

Google launches browser this open-source in 2008 to the user pressure that require browser besides Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

Company not only wish improve speed explores web but also develope repeat foundation.
Chrome is effort early from Google in acceleration as the media browsing, run programe web with bases java script faster.

Google Opinion, experience quicker browsing in web means one would finishes more online time,and also can conduct more matter and naturally and a more regular of advertisement click in machine of Google seeking.

Java script is step early project of experience explores situs more intensive,Google service Docs and Gmail also in the form of Java script.
If quicker performance then will help performance all Google application programs.

Google maked a change the most ambitions on July when announce operating system open-source Chrome.

One more the finest one matter at the end of 2009 this, is Google has launched beta version from Chrome for Mac and Linux not only Windows, and system addition exstention that has been old awaited.

Much ambitions Chrome that still far have not yet reached in practical step, but a recently product also haves big effect.

One of them, programe Mozilla has improved speed in Firefox 3.6 betas.
Though Chrome takes important some parts existing technology at Firefox, but not entirely imitate browser technology Mozilla.

Usage Firefox by it self slow has mounted become 25% around the world till final 2009.
Mozilla in aggresive enhance new feature for Firefox and will immediately attend Firefox 3.5 in June 2010.

Improvement especially concerning ability for embed direct video to webpage without require a plugin like system flash adobe.

Browser Company finally wish make web as the base for application, not only static situs, and job of file handling, double duty, webcam, geolocation and webGL for graphical 3D.

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Rizky2009 on January 1, 2010 at 10:04 AM said...

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