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Enthusiast phonsel QWERTY still multitude in 2010

In the reality celullar phone that carry key pad Qwerty, seen to be still will colour in 2010.
Good celullar phone branded or product celullar phone China will race present celullar phone Qwerty,and now celullar phone price Qwerty not and expensive.

Predicted will happen significant degradation to product this Qwerty and this competition at a guess will getting only louder .
Qwerty is mention or word used to denote key pad in celullar phone that use board types like board type at typewriter or on the keyboard computer.

One of obstrusive feature is letter Q,W,E,R,T,Y on first line left side at board type in celullar phone.
At segment high end or premium, predicted Blackberry, Nokia, and a number of vendors branded will compete tighten.

Toward the year existance Blackberry Onyx ( Blackberry 8700) Nokia Indonesian also launches one of celullar phone Qwerty its pledge that is Nokia E72.

Sell with price less than Rp 5 million, E72 seems intentionally prepared to block Blackberry Onyx that its price about Rp 6 million.
Nokia Indonesia by it self optimism E72 will repeat its predecessor success E66 and E71 in Global market, both this celullar phone can penetrate sales figure around 15 million units.

In Indonesia either E66 or E71 in demand sweet like mango fry, Nokia Indonesia was with maiden sale 72 units E72 were in the middle of last September.

Indonesia are noted as the first country in the world of that sell E72 and most success in the market.

Qwerty it's true not merely consumption of premium group. Group under also very require celullar phone like this, along with more and more popular its situs jejaring global social like facebook, twitter or ebuddy.

On the other hand, instant mesengger also more and more epidemic.
In 2009 user growth facebook in Indonesia is predicted go up till 1.100 percents.
In 2008 users facebook reaches around 800 thousand.
Till on October 2009, user facebook is predicted reach 11 million users.

The increasing of access to facebook and more and more the hoisterous of communication uses instant mesengger improves celullar phone the need for Qwerty,’’ Vice President e-Touch Mobile Indonesia, Hendra Gouw.

No surprise if request of celullar phone Qwerty experiences of fast growth in 2009.
In 2008 have not yet been high,nevertheless in 2009 this celullar phone request Qwerty hard level.
He request prediction of celullar phone Qwerty still will be high in 2010.

Celullar phone Qwerty now have come toes trend in Indonesia,more than anything else this time its price more and more reached.
On the other hand segment of celullar phone user Qwerty also more and more extends.
Not only among to the just however middle segment under also requires peripheral that can support someone writes message quickly and accurate.

From age side also happened extension of celullar phone user design Qwerty.
Growth like this placed Indonesia was as the country with celullar phone user biggest Qwerty in the world of at this time.
Hendra confesses will make big market potential in Indonesia.

The vendor that blaze the way celullar phone marketing Qwerty for middle segment under, e-Touch are portrayed Hendra has comprehended how character and need of celullar phone user in Indonesia.

Existence of short cut or application to access various of situses global social network, like facebook become other attractiveness celullar phone Qwerty product China.
Almost all celullar phones Qwerty China offer short cut application facebook.

Indonesia is very big and potential market, in consequence, us will continue release our best products, ‘’ Hendra.
He then pinpoint eTouch 707 Pros and 808 that will in free with price Rp 1 millions.
Two this celullar phones, will vie with celullar phone of a kind product China.

On the other side, e-Touch also will with product of a kind from south korea.
LG for example, present celullar phone Qwerty with price Rp 1,3 million.

Similar Step is also conducted Samsung wrongly one product that called Corby.
Not fail draw it, Nexian also not as yet common to reales celullar phone Qwerty with price Rp 599 thousand.
Although from price side very competitive, may even exist cheaper celullar phone.

Hendra optimism e-Touch will have separate market. ‘’Besides design that elegan, we have richer feature,’’ Hendra.
According to Hendra, there is vendor tendency branded cuts under sell product to in the market. To be able to depress price, vendor community in general lessen component that exist in its product, for example bluetooth or wifi.

Step in common conducted vendor China. ‘’Price can be depressed because screen is lessened, for example from 2.4 inchs become 2 or 1.8 inchs,’’ Hendra.
Component Reduction, of course follow influence consumer freshment.

Face market that growing competitive, Hendra confesses will not lessen component, to depress price in order to impressed dirt cheap.
e-Touch Indonesia exactly will enrich feature to improves tasteless position its celullar phone.

At newest product, for example existed feature push mail. '' E-Touch 707 Pros also can be made modem.
There is no celullar phone of a kind that it is possible modem.

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arkasala on December 13, 2009 at 10:50 PM said...

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tiap kesini jadi pengen yang terbaru, makin keren aja ....

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I love QWERTY phone so much... btw nice blog, if you mind to exchange link with me, just leave me a comment ya... we have a similar niche blog...

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